apparently mr. napster-facebook got married in middle earth to a girl that looks like daenerys. umm is this real life? 


Exclusive photos from inside Sean Parker’s lavish, Tolkien-esque wedding in Big Sur.

i’m actually surprised that i liked this wedding. it’s sparkly, retro and a little kitschy…all things that usually make me cringe. but i really like how this was done—the end tables for the ceremony set up, the chess centerpieces, the flowers, the metallic vases. i like the colour scheme too.

hot wedding alert! i am loving almost every part of this one—her dress and shoes, the venue, the decor. i love the idea for her bridesmaids’ dresses but it feels a little dark. but overall, a really simple and beautiful wedding.

(too bad it won’t even COMPARE to what’s to come tomorrow.)

i’m not crazy about certain details of this wedding, but look at the venue! gaaah. the green building in brooklyn is such a stunning space.